Saturday, October 9, 2010

Getting Started

It was around March 15, 2010. My wife had just left her job working at a major department store as a cake decorator. The job had gotten to her. It was all it took to convince her to hit the road. The dog and I were ready for a long time. We were just waiting for her.

We were just going to take our son back to college from his spring break and hit the road. We were going to go to North Carolina for a month. Being newbies we did not want to go far from home. And we wanted to travel a little before heading up to Anderson Indiana for a summer job. But the day before we were suppose to leave, we got a call from Wisconsin and found out my mother had fallen and broke her hip. She was 83 years old, and this was serious.

We postponed our trip and made a quick trip up to Wisconsin, or so we thought. We thought we would be there a few days and then take our trip to North Carolina. But our stay ended up being 8 weeks in Milwaukee. It was hard, because we had to take the bus everywhere we went. You do not drive a 36 foot motor home around the city.

Then money started running out. My wife took a job in a grocery store for a few weeks. She did not do very well at this. She hated this job, but we needed the money. We were suppose to leave to go the the Indiana job in May, but we knew my mother was not going to make it very much longer. We wanted to stay near Milwaukee, but wanted to get a job in a camp. We did not want to give up on our dream.

I went on the Internet to see if we could get a job in a camp. We had been staying most of the time at a truck stop. This is okay for a day or two put not for a prolong period of time. I tried the Milwaukee area and did not find anything. I tried Madison and did not find anything. Then I tried the Wisconsin Dells area. There are plenty of camps there. I went one by one down the list of all the camps in the area. It was in alphabetical order. I call the whole list. I left our number at a few places.

I called Wanna Bee Campground. It was the last number on the list. I spoke to the manager. Just so happened his camp hosts had quit at the last minute and he was looking for a new couple to fill the position. I told him of our work experiences. The manager knew we were new at full timing it and working in a camp. He was willing to give us a change, but we had to come right away. Work was waiting. I told him that my wife had to quit her job, which was something that would not be hard to do, and we would be in a few days.

We got hired on Sunday, and got to camp on Wednesday. We left the dog with our son and daughter in Milwaukee to start with. We wanted to check out the camp first. From day one we always felt that we fit in there. The manager and maintenance worker and us hit it off good from the start. We knew we made the right choice.

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