Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our First Season.

Well we were ready for the campers to come Memorial Day Weekend. You are never totally ready for this. We had no idea how it would turn out. We were not totally booked for the weekend. The camp was about 2/3 full. There were a lot of families there. The groups were big. There were also some party people, but not many. They were camping way up in the primitive sites, and away from everyone. We did meet our security guard for the first time. He patrols the camp during the night to make sure all is safe. It went well.

The next month was quite. We still had some outside work to take care of. It was not easy because of the rain. It was raining almost every day. Some of the storms came down in inches. We would have to check camp when the rain would stop to see if we lost any trees. Also we were having flooding problems. When campers would come, some of the sites were under water. That was one thing that plagued us all season.

Along with rain and wet weather comes mosquitoes. A hundred thousand mosquitoes. They were so wicked that the insect repellent would not work any more. A mosquito bite was the fashion statement of the season.

Fourth of July weekend was the killer weekend of the summer. We were totally booked. There were so many people, that the bathrooms had lines 24 hours a day. I have never been in such a crowded campground. The crowds were hard to control. But we survived. It took a few days to recover.

The rest of July and August were busier than normal. The booking in camp were up from the previous year. We were getting more repeat business. We were getting compliments of how good camp was this year from our guests that come each year. They saw improvements. We also took over doing crafts for the campers. We also did scavenger hunts with the kids. They had fun with that.

Labor day weekend was the last hurrah. We were not totally book, but were pretty full. We had the good crowd in. A lot of the return guests. It was nice to see them so we could say good bye for the season. It was a good weekend.

Well our first season of work camping is over now. It's time to say good by to Wisconsin Dells until next spring. Saying good by to the staff and seasonal campers wasn't easy. We made many good friends that were seasonal and many that come up there just because it is a nice campground.

Most of the campers we made friends with will always remain deep in our hearts. This was our first time working for a whole season in a camp. They made it fun.

The work was fairly easy but it kept us pretty busy. Even though we had our fair share of time off. During our time off Sara, Melissa, Joe and Kaitlyn camp up to visit us for a few days. In case you don't know Kaitlyn is our grand daughter and yes she is grand. The only bad thing is when they come up, I get forced to tip a few beers (maybe more than a few). It is always enjoyable sitting around a campfire with some beer and your loved ones. We did make a trip down town and to one of the major water parks there. It was fun to get out to do something in town.

We opened our hearts to may friends from about 2 years old to some in their 70's. After all of this it all comes down to the fact that it was a pretty good season. We will be going back in spring.

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