Friday, October 15, 2010

On Our Way

We had spent only 1 day packing to leave Wanna Bee camp. It did not take as long as we thought. We thought it would take 2 days to pack, but it only took one afternoon. We did not unpack as much as we thought. So we left Dave know we would be leaving Wednesday in the morning.

We got ready to leave that morning. While letting the motor home warm up, we drove around camp to say good bye to everyone (Greg, Dave, and Cole). While speaking to Cole he notice a tire going flat, so we drove to the tool shed and used the compressor to fill the tire. We got that done and were on our way.

We had to make one more stop at Walmart. We had been riding our bikes there all summer. It was nice to be there in the motor home. We got some groceries and some new shoes. All of our shoes had been ruined in the rain and dirt of camp. Rocky waiting in the motor home for us. We also had to stop for gas. We did that about 30 miles from the Dells. We finally got on the road by 11am. A little later than we wanted, but we were in no hurry.

We got to the state line, and entered Illinois. We got stopped by road construction. It took us only an hour and a half to go 2 miles of freeway. This put us farther behind. But we reminded ourselves, we were not on a time schedule. We decided to stop in Bloomin ton-Normal Illinois. It was already 5pm and wanted to stay in a Passport America campground. So it was here or 50 miles further.

We were lucky. We stayed at Kamp Komfort in Carlock, Illinois. When I got out to plug in the electric and water, I hear a hissing noise. It was coming out of the same tire we had filled with air at camp. Our neighbor also heard it and looked. Sure enough, we had a flat tire. We were lucky we decided to camp here, or the flat would have happened on the side of the interstate.

We got out the phone number for the roadside assistance associated with our motor home insurance. They took all the pertinent information and said they would call me back after they found me some help. Then minutes later they called and said help would be here within an hour and they were. He replaces the flat tire with our spare. He found a nail in the tire he took off the motor home. He said that if we had to pay the bill it would be $190.00, Thanks to the roadside assistance, it did not cost us a cent.

We got up the next morning and headed down the interstate toward Indianapolis. There was only a small mishap at a Love's gas station. We had prepaid for the gas. We did not need all the gas we paid for so I tried to stop when full, but the pump would not shut off. Gas was going all over the ground. We had to prove to the manager what happened, but he did give us some money back. This put us a little behind, but remember we were not on a time schedule.

This rest of the trip was good. We did get to Milford, Ohio about 3pm. When we pulled up to the old house, who was waiting? Sara, Kaitlyn and Kirby. They were all happy to see us.

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