Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our visit to Cincinnati

Here we are in Cincinnati visiting. By the time we decide to find a camp for the night all the offices at the campgrounds in the area I called were closed. So we had to stay at Milford's Walmart. This time the manager wasn't cordial. She sad we could stay, but had to be gone by 7:00am. This was okay because we had to be back by Sara's to babysit for Kaitlyn by 7:20am.

While we were by Sara's I found a state park named East Fork Lake State Park. This park was about 20 miles away. It was affordable. It accepted Passport America for Sunday-Wednesday for a 50% savings. It was $12.50 per night for a sight with electric. Thursday - Saturday the cost was $25.00 a night. We decided to give it a chance.

We map quested the route from Sara's house to East Fort State Park. Even though we should have followed the map in the book for Passport of America. We actually had the wrong address, but did not know this at the time. We started to follow the route of map quest. We were on a very busy highway, but the lanes were narrow. We started to get into an area that was becoming rural. This did not look right, so we called our friend Mike.

He told us we were going the wrong way. He told us a way to get back to the right road, but this was a narrow country road. Then we turned on another wrong road. We finally asked someone on the side of the road and told us how to get there. This was the worst one of all. This road actually said in part it was a single lane road. This road was so narrow that it would have been hard for two motorcycles to pass. This road was so bad I was white knuckling the steering wheel. I was glad I was in the motor home. If needed I could have sent Judy back to get me clean underwear. This road was all hills and curves. The scenery was pretty, but who could enjoy it. There were no shoulders on the road, and in some parts the side just went down a very steep hill with no guard rail. I am glad I did not meet a school bus on this road. It was about a five miles trip that took about 30 minutes to drive. I was never so happy to reach a destination.

After arriving at the park the ranger gave us a map and told us to go find a site and come back. After that drive we took the first open sight we found. We just wanted to stop driving the motor home this day. We went back to the camp office, paid for site, and went back to set up camp. We needed a rest after this trip.

This was a cool park. You actually could camp there with your horse if you had one. There was a section of the campground that was especially for horse camping. We were in the pet section. There were over 400 campsites in this camp. There were many trees. It was about a 2 mile walk to the lake. We did that walk once. It was hard for Rocky to make a 4 mile walk in the heat. A lot of people brought boats when they camped. It was a peaceful campground. I knew we would like it here.

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