Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why a slide

When you're out looking for an RV many people say that it must have at least one slide. Some go with as many as four. Then there are the people that don't mind not having a slide at all.

Some things you have to remember when buying a RV with slides are that the campsite has to be extra wide to facilitate the extra width of the slides. One slide adds quite a bit of extra room and when it isn't open you only have one additional wall to put up with. Which will allow you easy access to the rest of the unit from the front. The more slides, the more walls making for more obstacles to put up with trying to gfet to the rear of the RV when they're not opened.

The people looking at them without slides just don't realize the extra space they're gaining so they figure they don't need it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hey everybody. I'm the vagabond chef and I'm just letting you know what this blog is all about. It's going to cover the trials and tribulations of a husband, wife and black lab trying to break into a brand new lifestyle of fulltime RVing. At one time we had a class C motorhome and now are moving up to a class A. So I guess you could call me a newbie. So I am going to research from the basics on up, thus some of this information might already be known by you. I just think if you kee on reading from day today you will find some information that will be helpful to you.

So lets figure out if fulltiming is for you . Am I old enough, do I have enough money and am I healthy enough. How do you know it is time to become a fulltime RVer.

There are so many things to take into consideration. Do you enjoy your job and lifestyle (it is hard to believe but many people do). Then why change. Some RVers do so withchildren and some are out there fulltiming in their wheelchairs. So age doesn't matter.

When it comes to money who can say how much is enough. There is no correct answer. Some may think $1ooo is enough and some think you need $500,000. It all depends what you need.

When it comes to health only you and your doctor can decide this. Most RVers health improves while fulltiming because it is a less stressful lifestyle, they eat healthier and are more active.

I guess what I'm saying is thereis no wrong time to start. Now the problem is to convince my wife that it is time because Rocky the black lab and I are ready to go.