Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our First Two Weeks

The first couple of weeks we were there life was pretty simple. There weren't any campers to deal with, just a few of the seasonal campers. We had plenty to do.

There are 13 cabins at the campground. Some are only sleeping cabins and all they have are beds, a microwave and camp a refrigerator in them. These we had to clean and wash down everything. We had to was winter out of the cabins. Had to make sure there were no uninvited guests. We had to change the plastic mattress covers and make sure there were no mice in or under the mattresses. Then there were the deluxe cabins. This have a queen bed, single bed, sleeping loft, kitchen area and bathroom. These needed to be cleaned and flush out the water line of anti freeze put in for winter. There were also 2 super deluxe cabins. These cabins have bedrooms, full size kitchen and full size appliances. We had to shine stainless steel appliances and clean carpets up in the lofts. We had to flush the water systems also. Had to make sure the electric fireplaces were in operating order. This took a couple of days. It was okay because you could work indoors.

We had the bathrooms to clean also.We had to deep clean the bathhouse from winter. We had to use heavy duty cleaners and good old fashioned elbow grease. The water system This not bad because they had already been flushed out by Greg, the maintenance man. He lives at camp, so when he opened the water system for camp, he flushed out the bathhouse.

We had the game room to clean and paint the floor. We first had to sweep and mop the floors. The machine had to be moved to paint the floor. This took days, because you had to do this by moving all the machines to one side of room, paint the floor and let it dry. Come back next day and move machines to painted side of room and paint other side and let dry. Then came back third day and moved machines and painted main walk area of room with an extra coat of paint.
We had to do the same in laundry room. This room was easier, because most of the washing machines were not there. They were being replaced so so machines to move. Only had to paint floors.

Then there was the picnic tables. There is one in every campsite. There are 126 sites in camp, so that was a lot of tables. We just started on side of camp and went site to site and painted the tables. We got 60 done when we ran out of paint. This took a few days because it would get hot in afternoon, so we only painted in morning.

We had two and a half weeks to get all this done because Memorial Day Weekend was coming. Campers were coming earlier because the weather was mild for Wisconsin. So the weekends before Memorial Day Weekend we did have some campers on weekends. We also had to take a few days off to return to Milwaukee. My mother passed away and we had to attend the funeral. It was a couple of sad days, but we made it back to camp and started to work. It helped get me over the hump of sadness. One good thing is when we came back from funeral, we brought Rocky with us. Then the fun began.

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