Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It has been a long time since I wrote anything here or on my other blogs. So let me catch you up on some of the tings that have been going on for us.

Well in August of 2009 after a couple of years of searching we found a motor home through a website "". They put me in contact with a women in Monterrey California who was selling a 1998 Rexhall Airbus 36' long.

We communicated with her via email and telephone for the next couple of months. After Judy and I decided to buy it, we decided there was no turning back. We went around the house and decided if it did not go in the motor home, it would be sold.This is not as easy at it seems. We told our three children speak up on what you want or it will be sold. We sold most of our possessions. It took three weekend rummage sales, and putting the big items on "Craigslist", we got it done. Then we signed the paperwork it only took a couple of days for the deal to go through.

After the rummage sale, decisions needed to be made. Judy stayed home to keep working at her job. She works in retail, and it was Christmas seasons and could not get off work. I needed some one to go with me. Luckily our good neighbor Mike agreed to go with me to get the motor home.
The plane tickets were bought. The car was rented.

On November 3,2009 at 4:00am the adventure began. Sara and Judy drove Mike and I to Dayton Airport to take off for San Fransisco California. The plane took off at 6:25 EST from Dayton Airport. Mike got pulled out by security because he took a XBox 360 and my luggage because I had tools in it. We had a layover in Denver and went on to San Francisco. We got there at 10:30am PST.

Then we got the rented car at San Francisco Airport. We got a Ford Focus and drove to Monterrey. We arrived at the Monterrey Pines Navel Campground where the motor home was. We were given a walk through and got the keys. The previous owner bought us a night at the campground. After the walk through, Mike and I drove to Carmel California to see the ocean. This was the first time I had ever seen the ocean. I had to put my toes in the ocean. It was very cold. We went into Monterrey to buy some groceries. We spent the first night in the motor home. It was a early night. It was a long day, crossing the country and three times zones.

The next morning, November 4, 2009 we got up and the lady we bought the motor home helped us return the car to the airport in Monterrey. We came back to the motor home and started for home. Judy had mapped our way home, using interstates all the way. We got on the interstate and after about an hour Mike is looking the the atlas and finds a short cut or so we thought. We took it and it took us up and down, round and round through the mountains peaking a height of 7000 feet above sea level. It was not a highway just a mountain road, but if was worth it just because of how beautiful it was. We also came across a wind farm, bigger than any one I had ever seen.

This first trip went pretty uneventful. We would drive about 500 miles a day. We stayed on the interstates. But we did have some excitement in Arkansas. Here we got pulled over for not having the motor home registered and searched for weapons and guns. Luckily we only got a warning and they didn't find any drugs or weapons. If took us five days to get home, but we made it and I got to be with Judy again, oh yeah lets not forget about Rocky.

December comes around and not only do we have the hassle of the holidays, but Sara has her baby, our first grandchild on December 18th. She had the baby a week early. Her name is Kaitlyn Alexis Hickman. She is a very good baby. Sara and Keith are great parents and Kaitlyn is almost as pampered as Rocky. Grandpa and Grandma have fun spoiling both of them.

Now there only reason we are still here is that we are grounded. We can't get the motor home out of storage because it is snowed in. Who isn't after the last 2 weeks. Once the snow is gone, so are we.

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