Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cumberland Falls

We wanted to go to Walmart and get big items that where too big and heavy to carry back. Walmart is 2 miles from the campground. Most times we carry things in backpacks and have a couple of cloth grocery bags to carry it back. But this time we needed a car. We asked the owner of Heartland RV Park, Jeff if we could borrow his truck to go to Walmart. This time he said he would borrow us a car. We should go and see the Daniel Boone National Forest. It was a nice sunny day in the sixties, so we put Rocky in the car and went for a nice ride.

He gave us a Hyundai Sonata to drive. It was a 2008 and a pretty nice car. We drove about 70 miles and got into the Daniel Boone National Forest. This is a giant forest that runs along the east side of Kentucky from the North to the South of the state. While driving through the forest we saw a sign for Cumberland Falls State Park. The sign said it was 12 miles, so we decided to drive there. It was a beautiful drive through the forest. The road was winding, and the colors were still pretty bright. Last week the wind had blew down a lot of the leaves, but it was still pretty.

Cumberland Falls was a nice surprise. It was very pretty. It was the first time that I was by a waterfall and saw a rainbow right there. But I couldn't find the pot of gold. It is really an interesting place. It is the only place int he western hemisphere where they get a moonbow. A moonbow only happens when there is a full moon on a clear night and it creates a beautiful rainbow after dark.

They do have a lot of hiking trails there. There is a lodge, restuarant, swimming pool, campground with sites and cabins. You could spend a few days there . We were there for about an hour. Then we had to head back. We still had to get the shopping done, and return the car. All and all it was a good day.

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